MSP City has a targeted focus on services that offer or support Cybersecurity, branded Voice-Over-Internet (VoIP) and Business Services for MSPs and MSSPs. By narrowing our service offerings, MSPs and MSSPs are able to receive quality services that enrich, expand and complement their current product line.

In today’s environment, breaches will happen. Many businesses are investing in cybersecurity insurance to protect their assets in case of this unfortunate event. As a trusted advisor, your organization will have the option of offering breach coverage to your customers to assist them should a breach occur. If your customer goes out of business due to a breach, it impacts your bottom line too. Offering them coverage projects your customer and your organization.

MSPs and MSSPs tell us human resource is one the functions they like least. MSP City can help by offering

If you decide to offer VoIP to your customers, a good billing system is important to capture all billing events. VoIP billing is very different from IT billing in that call rating (intelligent call type determination) is necessary to prevent revenue leakage and automatically bill according to your specifications.

Many MSPs and MSSPs engage with customers in the beginning phase of opening a business. If your customers plan to have credit card processing, there are specific recommended requirements (PCI/DSS) for network setup which you can now offer through the managed firewall service offered though MSP City vendors. Since you have to set up the secure network, adding credit card processing is an easy revenue addition you can offer customers.