MSP City has a targeted focus on services that offer or support Cybersecurity, branded Voice-Over-Internet (VoIP) and Business Services for MSPs and MSSPs. By narrowing our service offerings, MSPs and MSSPs are able to receive quality services that enrich, expand and complement their current product line.

Our conversations and experience with MSPs and MSSPs reveal that your customers expect you to provide options for cybersecurity. Your customers don’t usually make a distinction between network services and cybersecurity which results in them lumping them together. These same customers usually don’t realize cybersecurity is a complexed profession requiring knowledge in multiple areas of prevention, detection and incident response. MSP City vendors can help support your current cybersecurity efforts, or help add this growing area to your line of service offerings with little or no need to expand your current tech personnel.

Expand your company’s ability to add customers by removing the limitation of only offering to manage the firewall your organization is certified on. Clients have told us they lost opportunities because the customer wanted them to manage their existing device which was not supported by the MSP or MSSP. With MSP City vendors, those days are gone. Your team can now harden and manage a large number of vendor firewalls.

Firewall audits and assessments help you to secure new customers or point out why a competitor is not protecting a network so that you can win the business.

Impress your customers by providing regular security reports that show how well your organization is protecting their assets or use the report to highlight areas of security that need improvement.

Many of our MSPs and MSSPs told us they would like to truly offer 24/7/365 monitoring, alerts and threat intelligence to their customers. We’re talking about real bodies in a Security Operations Center that will work on your behalf to protect your customers from advanced cyber threats.

Even with the best defenses, a breach is still possible. When this occurs, MSP City vendors stand ready to support your customers in detecting the breach, responding to it and returning them to a normal operation state after removing the threat. In the past, this type of service was out of reach for most MSP and MSSPs due to the cost of the tools needed to detect and extract an adversary on the network. The mere ability to offer this service allows you to “Up Your Game” and pursue higher end clients.

Performing a vulnerability assessment and penetration test is highly recommended as part for an ongoing security plan to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure and provide information on fixing areas where security is a risk. The cost, tools and expertise needed to perform penetration testing without negatively impacting a customer’s network, have been the key reasons MSP and MSSPs tell us they don’t offer this service. MSP City vendors now offer this service on your organization’s behalf to your customers allowing you to charge market rates for this valuable, and often required service.

50% or more of breaches don’t come through the firewall. They are increasing occur due to ransomware, phishing and other exploits. Firewalls will remain the foundation of cybersecurity but without endpoint security you are leaving the backdoor open. MSP City offers solutions to MSPs and MSSPs to create a better barrier for their customers to prevent unauthorized access to a network. Further endear your customers to you by stopping and reversing ransomware, if an attack does ensue, and then show them how the exploit occurred and which systems it touched.

If your organization has a large project where dedicated cybersecurity personnel are needed, MSP City vendors and help by supplying the experts you need win and support your accounts. Whether it’s cybersecurity deign or implementation, MSP City can help.

Many MSPs and MSSPs control access through active directory or similar services, but how do you control access to various company websites in a growing {Insert Name}-As-A-Service environment? Employees and vendors access a growing number of internal and external corporate resources to advance organizational goals. A breach or abuse of access credentials represents one of the most signification potential exposures to an organization which can result in negatively impacting business events to impede or halt business operations. Through MSP City, Identity and Access Management will enable your customers to allow the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons.

The proliferation of mobile devices has created a management issue for customers who haven’t invested in a solution to tame this beast. MSP City vendors provide solutions that enable you to meet their needs.

The best technology cannot protect your customers against the most vulnerable point of attack – the employee. MSP City vendors work to educate you customer’s employees to fortify this resource and avoid potential breaches.